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The Full Story


Image by Adrien Ledoux

WOWJesus is part of a vision the Lord gave me to reach the wounded. I came from a wounded place and the Lord has not only led me on a journey of inner healing but explained the principles of gospel doctrine that underpins it, deeply rooted in the scriptures.  He told me he would give me an understanding heart, but he seems to also be giving me a deep understanding of the scriptures that underpin his message to a hurting world. 

Like the women at the well, he has told me all things I have ever done, for that has meant he has explained my life from his love of saving grace, the father's heart, and the scriptural laws that have to underpin my life journey. 

Image by Linda Robert
Image by Camille Brodard

My Precious Child, I love you and would never leave you. During your times of trials and suffering when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.

My Journey

As I came from a place of brokenness, I was hungry for the touch of God, and as such, I went out to search for him and his kingdom. What purpose did he have with me and my life? I spend 40 days in Greece fasting and praying, and like Jacob, I struggled with God over the carnage of my life. It was here he met me in a very deep way as I felt the love of Christ pour over me like waves. I was weeping as he touched me, spoke to me, and here he said he wanted me to go into prayer ministry. At that time, I was more concerned about having meaning and purpose over my life and be of use. But in his kindness, he said I was not ready; I was like a tender plant that needed healing and to be strengthened against the storms of life.  As I searched, every pathway led to Ellel, a discipleship and prayer ministry program.  As I headed back home, I was met with opposition and seemed to be blocked from what the Lord told me. I was attacked for my faith and really felt the enemy at work. I handed it over to the Lord, and suddenly the door was open, which had seemed impossible. But with God, everything is possible, as he is the way maker.  

Image by Lina Volkmann

Ellel Nets programme

In Ellel, I began a journey of inner healing, I saw how Jesus had already been working with me, and it was a great confirmation of his way of working. I witness his amazing healing grace in not only my own inner healing but in the lives of others. 

I was reminded of the temple, where animals sacrifices took place, and here in the carnage, God chose to call his home to bring his presence and  Holyness upon the earth. When I thought about the mess, smell, and scared animals, I understood why. As  I ministered in the lives of others, we were met with the carnage of lives, messy full of fears and worries, which had also been my own. Searching like me the touch of God, desperate for healing and things to be right. .  In this place, we ministered we walked in the  Holy of Holies of people's souls, a sacred place of holiness of which I was privileged to enter. Here in this sacred place, we saw how the cross and blood of Jesus set people free, heals the broken, and restores lives. It has been my privilege to have worked in this work and witness how the spirit weaves through the brokenness and leads the work, how we can lead people to come into a relationship with the Lord and the father, as they are ministered to, how the keys of repentance and forgiveness provide freedom and healing as they invite the Lord to be Lord of their lives and situations. I can only praise the Lord that he hears our heart's pain and has a plan for us to walk into restored life, freedom, and healings. 

Image by Lina Volkmann

Bible College of Wales
Intercession and Revival

Going to the bible college of wales, where Ree Howell the intercessor, interceded for England in the second world war was empowering and insightful. The presence of God was powerfully still felt in the blue room where intercession was made. 
It opened my understanding of revival as we studied the wales revival of 1904-1905, where the presence of God had come down and meet the coal miners and spread across the world. It had started with prayer. 

A great movement of evangelism in wales is tapping into this Christian inheritance, where prayer houses and intercession is spreading as a building block for an expectant new revival across wales. 

Ffald y Brenin, where the grace outpouring started, shows that the Celtic spirituality of the past of prayer communities can be Holy spaces, where the spirit calls spirit, and the healing grace can be active. Communities can be affective by these Holy spaces, and healing by the presence of God is happening. 

Personally, I have come to a place of confidence in Christ as we have interceeded, listen to the voice of God, and agree that what God was saying.  It was amazing to witness and experience. For many Christians, including me, it has been a challenge to know if you are hearing the word of God. When I listen and share with others, what he was saying to me, and others were also hearing the same and agreeing our confidence grew. Agreement of one to or three witnesses will establish my word.  In Holy spaces, where God is communicating his heart, is a place of growth and empowerment as we stand in Christ and allow Him to lead, teach, and make his will known. 


Returning to Ireland

On returning to Ireland, I was met with Covid 19 and shut down. It has a time of reflection and time to be with the Lord. The journey I had gone through had been an amazing one. And WOWJesus vision came from my journey and my commitment to meet a wounded world with the Love of Christ. I have been blessed as I have experienced downloads from heaven, which has solidified the vision and purpose of WOWJesus. My heart is to share what I have learned and lead others to find their own healing. To bring the wounds to the cross, and then for the cross. Revival has been prophecied here in West Cork, back in 1905-1905 in the revival of Wales. Could this be the beginning as we come together in houses of prayer and creating holy spaces? I think so. It could be the preparation stage as we grow as one body with his Spirit.  We hold the healing balm, Christ, and what he did on the cross for a hurting world.  My heart is to see us healed and be able to heal others as we come into the Holy of Holies of each other's souls. Confessing with one another and praying for each other needs. Standing in the Gap as we pray for our communities and country. Healing a land to bring us back into his order. 

Image by Jon Tyson

Experience of Rwanda

In Rwanda, I was blessed to see the healing of the cross in action. I was also able to see what conflict had done in the body of the church. The church was the cause and the healing through forgiveness. How both the wounded and the wounders could meet on equal ground at the cross and be healed. How the wound needed to be addressed and brought to the cross.  Before forgiveness was able to begin in those early days. I heard testimonies of stories of forgiveness as a land and nation put their prejudices down and worked to build peace and healing. It was a great testimony of Christ in action through his cross. 

Experience in Bulgaria

My time in Bulgaria lead me to see the Holy Spirit in action. As children were brought to us for healing, while we visited  Churches, My un-belief was challenged. As I prayed for one young lady, the spirit moved, and we saw brake through before our eyes. We were personally limited with what time and what we could do. But the Lord turned up and it was amazing to watch the Lord meet his people. 


In my other roles, I am a community worker who has worked in the community for over 30 years. I am a trainer and coach who has worked in groups, training, and workshops. I have experience with holistic horticulture and working with vulnerable members of society. I love people and the community. And have the heart to see lives changed as the love of Christ moves in their lives. 

Testimonials of our Journey

Muhire Jean de Dieu

I met Mama Mandy in Rwanda Ellel

I spent the first three months of NETS on a difficult but wonderful journey dealing with my
father’s wounding in my life with all their consequences; all the fear of rejection, trauma,
fear, rejection itself, knowing and accepting God as my Father, trying new things, and freeing
myself into the fullness of who God is to me. Then, this stage of NETS left me with a big
question asking how I am going to respond to God, my Father as a precious son of His, whom
He delights in. It became the biggest part of my journey on NEST stage 2. The journey to
deal with my parental wounding and conception to birth ministry as a highlight became my
wonderful adventure in knowing more of who God my father is and how I should respond to
His wonderful heart. Learning to trust Him even more and getting ready for the work in
Rwanda after NETS. I received a big heart for those who are hurting in different ways of their
lives through teaching and prayer ministry, I can give back through Ellel Ministries Rwanda
by now, where my journey of faith continues.

I want to
take this opportunity to thank you  Mama Mandy from the bottom of my heart for your support, thank you
for allowing God to use you in transforming my life.




Sandy Potts

I met Mandy at Ellel Ministries in 2018 on the programme called NETS (Never Ever The Same) as a residential student for a year but have always kept in contact with her. 


The NETS (Never Ever The Same) is a school of Discipleship, Inner Healing and Deliverance. It does what it says on the label. We were never the same again. We laughed, we cried, we lived together, learning more and more about Christianity more than any bible college, church could ever teach us.

Mandy helped me so much when I had a ‘blockage’ and she even spent more time going over the
days teachings at times to help me, going that extra mile for a sister in Christ. She has a big heart
and we shared so much together in the year with the many hours of teaching and ultimately putting
that teaching into practice especially when going on mission to Bulgaria and Rwanda. We
ministered to many people from all walks of life who came on Healing Retreats, Evening Prayer,
Day Teachings, Weekly courses, that were many and varied..

This was a great learning for us all and as our confidence grew, with the Holy Spirit alongside us, we were able to give peace helping our brothers and sisters with many issues that could lead ultimately to Deliverance. I’m confident in Mandy that she would be an asset to any ministry or organizations.


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