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There are many areas you can get involves and be a kingdom builder. As we go out into the wheat field


Set up a house of prayer

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Here are some ways you can get involved


Pray with us


Prayer minister

Set up a house of prayer

Church without wall prayer minister

The ministry of Blessing 

Become a partner

Make a tax-deductible donation‏.

The mission of blessings and outreach

Working on our site

Networking with Churches

BAM business at mission

Help rise funds for our project

The Lord's arce a community project to feed and heal through community, prayer, the word, worship and the Lord.  A refuge where young people can come in criss;s and be meet with the love of the Lord, where there is holy space for the Lord to work. 


For long, we have been silent; it is time to shout a new song and proclaim his name to the whole world. 

Awake. Awake, it is well with my Soul. 


The time of the Artist

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Let the spirit move.


This is our watch; let the lord not say we are asleep. 

Awake and dance to the Lord and let the spirit be upon you.. 

Our King is coming awake, awake let our soul free 

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