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Prayer Network

A prayer line of intercessors


Join our prayer line of intercessors and pray for the healing of our land. nation and families.

We can network together wherever you may be living, we all have one common focus to heal the world with the love and spirit of Christ. 

Be the light and salt of our nation, that speaks life over our world, blesses, and stands in the gap. 

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we need you!

Sunday pray for our churches

Pray for the church

To unify

To become the the bride of Christ and come into the fullness of her identy

Prayer for the spirit to come in revivial

Pray for your leaders and congregation to be unified

Heal us as a church

Prepare us, teach us, heal us and lead us in the spirit

Pray for the day service and invite the spirit

Prayer for the needs of your church.

Pray for the persecuted church in the world

Join Us

Monday Pray for  Local businesses

Pray for Home Matters and the blessing ministry

Prayer for doors to open and opportunities for the good new to be preached.

when out into businesses bless them to come into the fullness of the gospel.

Pray as you walk down the hight streets.

Ask if they would like a blessing, need a prayer need and let the spirit move. 

Join Us

Tuesday pray for our children

Pray for our children to know Jesus

Pray for the schools to have revival

Pray that our little children will be filled with the spirit and confound their parents and teachers

Pray no evil teaching with have power over them and they will be overcome with the spirit of God. 

Start a toddler prayer group and prayer for that generation. 

Prayer over the children when they come out from school.

Bless our children at home and at church

Pray for the healing of our children 

Join us

Wednesday pray for our lost sheep

Pray for the scriptutre blessing of our children and family  and proclaim those blessing over them.

Speack life into them in prayer

speak in tougues to them and allow the Holy Spirit to goan with you over them. 

Put there names on our prayer list

Pray for the lost in our community and church

Pray for revival

Pray for a returning

Pray Jeusu  will meet those , who are not looking for him

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Our aim is;

To ask the Holy Spirit to teach us, guild us and lead us to how we need to pray with him, who is groaning over us and through us. 

To unify in oneness, and where we agree together, the Father will give us want we are asking for. 

To bring our experience up to the living world and for it to become real and living in us. 

To proclaim his promises and scripture to the spiritual realm, stand on the word, and believe what it says and promises.

To stand as witnesses of Christ, and speak out his word and blessings to a hurting world. 

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Thursday Pray for our nation 

Pray for our leader

Stand in the gap and ask for givness of our country, people group and give forgiveness

Pray scriptures over our land and people

Ask forgiveness for the past generations sins

Ask forgiveness for our past family sins

Ask for healing for our land

Pray and bless sites of troubles and blood sites asking forgiveness of people group or our family part in it. Forgiving other people groups.

Pray walk on area of conflict

Bless our land

Join Us

Pray for Isreal and the middle east

Pray for Isreal as we have been commanded to

Ask for revival and that they will have there eyes open to know there king.

Pray for Abrahams children to be healed and unity and peace to come on all land and a true knowledge of their God will be restored. 

Pray for all the leaders to work for peace.

Prayer for our thinthing partner' Highway 19', who mission is to heal the nations on this highway and bring the knowledge and healing of christ.  

Join Us

Invite the holy spirit into your prayer and day. 

Saturday Pray for the world and world issues. 

Pray for world events that are shaping our world. 

Pray for world peace

Ask forgiveness of us turning away from his laws.

Pray for missionaries in world missions

Pray for the church in persecuted countries

Pray his revival to come on the world and for his good news to be preached to all nations. 

Pray for the workers to go out into the harvest. 

Pray for world missions we may know off. 

Join us
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