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Our Mission and  Vision
Goals and commitment 

WOWJesus is not about us, it is about Jesus and what he can do. Creating holy space for the spirit to work. In a broken world where the needs of the people are not being met,  where even Christians are searching for alternative healing therapies, We recognize that our experience is not what we read in  Acts. Faith has been replaced by our experience and we need to bring our experiences in line with the word of God. And that we need to stand confident in who we are in Christ, his name, blood and what the cross did for us all.   


WOWJesus vision is to respond by creating spaces where we can learn and be lead by the Spirit. To Humbling ourselves, becoming teachable to look to Jesus our king to meet the needs of his people. To equip our churches with prayer ministries tools, learn from each other, take of the masks and become real, calling out to our God to heal us, our land, and nations.


To look to the word of God and stand on it. Too long we have looked to others to teach us the word. The time has come to dig deep and mine what is written and eat our daily Manna in our watch.


We need to become the watchmen of our nation and holy things. To warn the nation. In a time where we are being silenced by legalization, we need each other as never before. Too long we have warred with each other, the time has come to unite and bless each other to become who we are meant to be, the Bride of Christ.  To bring the church to the streets and meet people where they are, to find real solutions to the real issues of brokenness. The fight is not with another church, but a world that is turning away from their God. The church can be the cause and the solution, we are the gatekeepers.


It's time to awake, for the artist to rise up and build the holy space, where God can minister. It is time for the prayer intercessors, prayer warriors to call upon God and stand in the gape. Bringing the fullness of the gospel to a hurting world. It is time for the worship leaders to go out in front of our army, change atmospheres and bring heaven down to earth. It is time for the preachers to proclaim God's word and break chains, and change lives, and most of all it is time for us to come together as one mind, one heart, and one spirit as the Bride of Christ. letting our King prepare us and work through us so we can bring others with us into the kingdom of God. We are the Kingdom builders. 


learning to Stand in Holy Places, surrendering our will to his.  laying down our might and strength and look to the Spirit of God to go before us,  open up doors,  and bring revival. Changing lives and hearts that heal nations. Bring others and ourselves into a relationship with Jesus, to hear him, be lead by him, used by him, and be healed by him. Braking chains of the enemy, healing broken hearts and cleansing our lives through the power of his blood and his name. He alone has the power through his cross, and he has sent us out to make disciples and bring his good news to a hurting world. It is through the ABC of the gospel of salvation that the power of the Spirit is active. Are we ready? Our mission is to learn and be equipped.  Learning from each other, and blessing each other through the blessing ministry to be whom the Father made us to be. Togther in unity and brotherhood, letting God be God and letting Jesus lead the way as we give space for him to work.  

Networking with churches

Prayer ministry, intercession, training and prayer houses. 

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Community through unity in our diversity.

Taking down the mask and being real with real issues to bring change, through the power of the gospel. 

Image by Hannah Busing

Grace Bank, sharing skills, resources and so much more. 
Being kingdom builders. 


Healing the Land and changing the atmosphere. 


Our Vision

To meet the needs of a hurting world, through church without wall, refruges, prayer ministry, Lord's acra, training, workshops, networking and so much more. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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