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Fulfill your calling and Mission

Christain community of kingdom builders

Each one of us has been given a calling, as Christians, we are commanded to go out and make disciples. The great commission, but what about me?

We do not have to travel across the world to serve God and find his calling. Get involved, where you are, and make a difference.  There is more than enough need outside on our doorsteps. 

We invite you to join and partner with us, whether an hour a day, a week, a month,  a calling or paid commsion. We would love to have you on board. 

Blessing mission leading to paid ministry

Networking with business

BAM business as mission

Blessing business and praying with them and let the Lord open up door for salvation. This is a business that is working to build a Kingdom business to raise money for training, building kingdom businesses and refruges. Join us on our vision and see what the Lord is going to do!

Join us

Home matters

This our sister site who is out reaching to the business world, We welcome you joining us to build the Kingdom in a very practical way. Building physcail space, where praying communities can meet the needs of a hurting world. We plan to offer training, partnership and networks. Places, we can work, live and pray, where we can offer homes, work and community. 

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Networking with Churches to bring

unity, love, and healing. 

To work together to meet the needs of the hurting world. Through prayer, intercession, and worship.  out reach and networking. Togther we are a power army of the Lord. Sharing the burden and putting the shoulder together to become one in mind, heart and spirit. 

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Business skills

Computer skills

Social media Skills

Accounting and book keeping

Help us buid the bones  and structure that hold our work in place

Join us

Street Church

It is time for the artists to rise up like in the time of Moses. They built the Holy Space for the priests to do the work of the Lord. Let go out in the streets and change the atmosphere and create holy spaces. Where we can minister in the holy of holies of broken lives, to bring redemption, salvation, forgiveness, and Lordship that changes lives. Join us to go out in the streets and create holy spaces. 


Let us go out on the street and proclaim his word and spirit to a hurting world. If you would like to join us, We would love to have you. 

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Photography and video

Taking photo and makeking and learning new skills as you network and build relationships and paid ministry, that opens doorways for the spirit to work. Building your own ministry with us to touch the lives of other

Join us

Social media

Join us and become a facebook and social media outreach missionry

Meet the hurting world with hope and love of Jesus. 

Share scripture and stand on his word

pray with people

ask question

and share testiments. 

Email missionry

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Enjoy writting why not join us to share the gospel

research gospel principles

create content that matters

open us discussion

report issues that effect christain

share stores of godly people

and so much more

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