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What is the Lord going to do?

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

As we look to Jesus and make space for him, WOWJesus is expectant to see lives changed, hearts healed and freedom gained.

We are excited to launch our website and network with you. As we create space and stand on holy ground, our eyes are on the Lord and for him to take over and move in the Spirit. This is a shift from what we can do, to what he is going to do. As we walk with him to meet the needs of his people.
As we recover from Covid 19 and have stood still, we are challenged to rising our experience to his word. Experiencing what is written and walking in the Spirit of Acts.

Prayer is the place where we are beginning. With a vision to build houses of prayer that can unite together churches and offer prayer, intercession and hope to a hurting world. Creating space for the spirit to move, equipping, sharing and uniting in prayer to strengthen the body of Christ. Blessing each other to be who God made us to be, the bride of Christ. Then lastly to outreach with church without walls, meeting a hurting world with the love of Jesus. That not only meets the spiritual, but also the very real needs of practical solutions.

As we are seeing conflict rising up, old wounds surfacing, a united body of churches has to be the responds. The battle is not between us, but in a world who is turning away from God. As we come together and look to Jesus and stand in the gap for our community, country, fathers and people group, the spiritual atmosphere has been proved to change. Revival and a turning back to God has been reported. The healing of our land, people and country is the promise of those who call upon God to forgive and heal them.

Unity of the body of Christ to come one in mind, body and spirit as well as one with God, is the preparation that brings revival and healing of our nation. Never before have we needed the healing hand of God on our nation. A young man who started a Young peoples prayer meeting after the Sunday sermon, prayed in the Walsh revival of 1904.

"When two or three are gathered in my name, I am there in the midst.

Two elderly ladies started a prayer house with just themselves. They called upon God to heal their land and bring revival. And he responded and revival broke out in the Scottish Hebrides in 1949-1952. Where did both revival start? From a desire to start a prayer meeting to heal a generation and community. As we unite in prayer to heal our nation, we can be expectant to see what God is going to do. One thing we can be confident of is God is never changing. And as the world becomes darker, his light will shine more brightly. And he promises us as we gather together and call upon him, he will hear us and heal us. What a wonderful promise and hope from a Great God.

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