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God's Pruning

Psalms 46:2 so we will never fear even if every structure of support were to crumble away we will not fear even when the earth quakes and shakes moving mountains and casting them into the sea.

The purnung process of the Bush is a painful one as all its beauty is cut away , it crys out please do not do that it hurts, look at me, all bear and naked, the the great gardener says, trust me little Bush, and as time goes by we begin to blossom and fruit in abundance and are more than we was. All of us at some point in our lives, are stripped back to our naked self, loosing our false structures we have come to rely on, health, money , family and so much more. We can put up false beliefs and gods to hold us up and we falsly belive they will save us. It is painful when they crumble before us, leaving us vulnerable and naked. We do not see it as a blessing at all. But in it God is doing a work in us, bring us to him. Humbling us, to go on our knees and rely on him. In this humbling place he meets us with his grace. Our flesh fights against it, wanting to be our own saviour and building our own structures around us. So we feel safe and secure. But it is when they all come crumbling down, we come to our true structure our strong tower , we find lasting protection and strength and a relationship that is for ever. It is here we meet the Lords grace and love. It is here we experience him. And it is here we see his work in us as we blossom under his care and become ready to fruit. The inner work of the gardener is a loving one, where we need to trust him, instead of our own works. Let him meet us ,becoming humbly and allow him to work with us , even if it is not where we want to go. Lord help us surrender to your process knowing you are a loving Father who sent us your son, and people to pray for us. Help us allow you to prune us of our pride, our false God's and all that is is un-Godly or what we build around us to keep us in our own works. Let us stop kicking against the prickles and stop arguing with the Potter. Thinking we know better than God. Let us surrender under your rule, bringing our flesh under your Lordship and accepting our situations and allowing you to help us blossom in it. So we too can become fruitful to your kingdom. We are your children and you have already made a way for us and died for our freedom to overcome. Let us accept that free gift of grace and learn to let you hold us up with your right hand and lift us up like egele wings to walk with you. Please help us not do things in our own strength and in our own way, thinking we know better than you and our knowledge is better than yours. Help us trust you Lord. 🙏. But most of all trust ourselves, our lives into your hands. To allow you to prune us, when you see things have to go. And allow us to be naked so you can cover us with your rightousness, rather than us thinking we can become good enough through our own good works. We know you love us and give good things and do a good work in it, so help us trust you in it. And surrender to it and your rule. Thank you for sending people to pray and help us and in answering our prayers. We love you and adore you. And worship you in all your wonder and want to know you more. Be our gardener Lord and dig around us and nourish us we pray Amen. 🙏 🙏 ♥

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