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Standing in Christ

Christ is not a argument he is an experience, when we experience him there is no argument.

When we read about the desert fathers we are challenged in their faith as they stood in Christ. They had a firm foundation in knowing who they were in Christ and who he was. There faith was rooted firmly on the firm foundation of the word, which they took to be with authority.

St Patrick understand he was not alone as Christ was in him, with him and on all sides and around him. This confidence of who Christ was, was the strength that lead him to proclaim him, his word, with power, authority and power. This power transformed lives and kingdoms.

As Christians trying to fit into a world that sees Christianity as another religion and just with another god, have we lost this confidence to proclaim Christ boldly. As scripture comes away from main stream views and even conflict against mans thinking, have we water down our view of the authority of God , in trying marry the both.

In Revelation The risen Christ says to one of the churches, 'come back to your first Love'. Do we need to come back to our first love? And to our foundation from which we stand.

As I came to a place of spiritual crisis's, I set out to find God in a deeper way. I spent 40 days in Greece on a fast to find Jesus and his purpose for me. Like Jacob I struggled with God. And like Jacob I would not let go until I had gained the blessing I had come to receive. Jesus was faithful as I searched and knocked, he opened. I was filled with the love of God as never before, it overwhelmed me and flooded me. I was lost in his love and tears flowed and joy filled me as never before. I heard his words and he counselled me and talked about my life. But one thing that struck me was I had only touched upon him, there was so much more that I was unable to tap into. He directed me to prayer ministry and expanded my calling into my life. Since that time I have been trying to fulfil his direction and walk in the calling he has given me. This has lead to inner healing where I have felt the love of a loving father. The saving grace of my Jesus. I have been blessed to experience his presence and to know there is so much more. As I have studied his word, he has led me to deeper truths and depths and how it has related to my own life and struggles. He has taken me into spiritual arguments within the body of the church and deeper understanding of his principles of his kingdom and saving grace. Although I was a christen for many years, I never understood my identity in him. I have found very few people who really understand deep gospel principles, or who experience Jesus love and acceptance of them. Like many I thought I had to earn his love through works. I did not understand his grace.

If we as a church stand on the outside of who Christ is and who we are in him, we will miss the beauty and confidence of who he is. We will always be looking for ways to be good enough and work and try to earn our way into heaven. The gift is free and it starts with meeting with him, experiencing him and learning to hear his voice. We need to create places of holiness where he can work and meet us. It is not by our own works or power but by his spirit.

We need to unpack the gospel and his principles and wrestle what do we believe? Because we need to stand on this knowledge of who Christ is and stand on the authority of Christ as it is written and know its truth. Until we gain this knowledge we can not proclaim with confidence, and unless with proclaim confidence we can not claim with authority. Without authority we can not stand bodily because we deep down do not know.

We need to come back to Christ and learn of him and his kingdom principles. What does that means in experience to us and in our life? Gaining testimony of its truth. Allowing us to grow in faith that is built upon firm foundation. Our church talks needs to be on these firm foundation and unpacking them and sharing how they apply in our lives.

Sadly many Christian do not know what the gospel is and so do not have the knowledge and are left to wander off. Many do not have the experience of God, but a hand down story form others, which they believe until trouble hits. But when troubles come and confused they loss their way. Others are so confused who they are, they see God as punishing them and they are not worthy of his love. It has been written Christ's sheep are losing there way through lack of knowledge. The ABC of the gospel of salvation and the saving grace of his love. Forgiveness, repentance and the cross. What did Jesus win for us, What is the victory that can be ours? We need to come back to the foundation and unpack them to find deeper and lasting confidence in them. We need to see how we are experiencing them in our every day, so we build testimonies.

It has been written that with Jesus Blood and our testimonies we will be overcomers. We need to create places where we can experience his meeting and presence. Only then can we be bold and walk in the confidence of who Jesus is and who we are in him. Then we will see so much more and he will be able show us the fullness of the gospel in its full glory. Then he will be within us, around us and before us and others will see him through us and no longer will he be another God, but the true and living God that shines through us. They will see our confidence and feel our authority as his spirit moves. Our words will shake the ground of wise as we stand on Christ.

Written by Amanda Moat of WOW Jesus.

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