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Struggling the Why with God.

1 Corinthian 2: 10 -16

For his Spirit searches everything out and shows us God's deep secrets, Paul asks, who can know the Lord thoughts? Who knows enough to teach him, but we understand these things , for we have the mind of christ . Job asks the same question through his suffering, as he struggles to understand the reasons and purpose to life big questions. God does not fully answer Jobs questions, but calls Job rightous in his struggle with him to search out the mysteries of God. Jacob also struggles with God and refuses to let go until he has gained what he had come there to receive, his blessings. It seams God likes us to struggle with him in our deep questioning and his full answer to Job was Christ. He told jobs friends you do not understand my heart. Christ was his heart. The saving grace and hope to overcome what ever we are facing and take hold of God and struggle for our promises. Even the Israelites had to fight for the promised land. It is in the struggle we meet God and as we struggle with him, his spirit reveals mysteries of God, we never knew or understood. We grow in wisdom and understanding and gain the mind of christ. In my own experience I have struggled to understand the why. The why is the beginning of the search, we struggle with God as we try to understand. We look from humanity understanding and think our understanding and solutions are better, man has judged God and thought to teach him in our pride. We know best for our lives. We surrender to him our will kicking and screaming saying it is not fair and agree with Job and accuse him and blame him. But also like Job we silence our mouths and see the wonder of God and see our humanity against almighty God of creation . But as we struggle he wins our hearts through his amazing love, and see his answer to world problems through his work on the cross, we start to glimmer his heart and gain treasures for our mind as his word is opened up to us. And a flash light reveals a new truth. We understand like Paul how his spirit reveals the mind of christ as we draw nearer to him. It seams amazing the God of the whole creation will wrestle with his allow us like Job and Jacob to struggle with him and allow us to pour out our emotions of the unfairness and frustrations of life. And yet heal us with his love. Even the wicked God argues with Jonah should I not be concerned with those who do not know their left to right? Christ being the answer who brought the promise, this is not all there is, no eye has seen nor ear heard the things I have in store for you, but in this journey we will not be left alone, he promises to walk with us. I have had the blessing to have two fathers in thisclife. One I have argued with, been angry with and told him, the other I have said nothing of how I feel or how he has hurt me. The second is all surface and no relationship. The first is emotional with its up and down but real. With our father we can be real and say it how it is. Like David just pour it all out. It is in this up and down we struggle, argue with that makes it real. It it here we build relationships and in the end his patience with us, even if we are rebellious teens, temper children stamping our feet his concern is to wrap us up in his big arms and love us as we learn to walk in his ways. And let his spirit teach us his ways and let's us try it our way knowing we will fall, but his arms are big enough to clean our cut knees or bleeding heads. Because he loves us and wants us to walk with his blessings and grow up to be like him. And want to walk in his big shoes 👞. We may be slipping around. But we have put then on and are trying them out and looking up and saying when we grow up we want to be like our daddy. Oh ABBA Father thank you that you love us and allow us to fall and struggle as we learn to be like you. Sorry we fight and argue with you and do not understand why you do things the way you do. But I love you and what to be like you. You are so big and I am so small. And I love your hugs and embraces. I am thankful you can take care of my needs and I am sorry I mess up things when I try and do things my way. But thank you for letting me try. But I am learning you know best. And I love the moments you are teaching me lifes big question and letting me see things as you do. Thank you for your answer of Jesus and your hope of better things through his blood. Thank you Daddy. We love you and 🫂 trust you today to hold our hand as we walk through our day. Love you dad. Amen. Xxx

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