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Covid 19 Vaccine; a lesson in love within the church.

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Divided opinions take sides on the vaccine, what is the biblical position?

As the body of Christ takes sides in the arguments of the vaccine, we have seen divisions within the body of Christ. The question is what is the right side and what can we learn from this.

Unity has been and always been a principle of the gospel. Yet within the body of Christ, we have seen historical a bloodbath of divided opinions.

While in Rwanda I was shocked to learn in the bloodshed of the 1994 genocide that instead of tribal warfare with tribal beliefs, it was within the body of Christ that one group killed the other. God fathers killing their godchildren. Nuns and priests killing part of their church. Of course, the easy answer is they clearly were not Christians. But if we look at christen history it is loaded with bloodshed. Jesus warns us that to anger is to have a murderous heart. The church is often the cause and the solution. And in Rwanda, the love of Jesus and forgiveness became the healing and solution.

And yet we need to stand firm on true bible principles and not water then down. And both sides feel firm on their own truth of what that means to them. I have seen both sides push upon others their stand point of truth and cause conflict and hurt within the body. So, what is the answer?

My Journey

In my own walk with the Lord, he has been showing me his Law. Or should I say his word. What he has spoken will go out and will not return back void. As I have lived principles, they have become alive in my life. As an example, search and you will find, knock and it will open, has always been a principle, his word, his law I have acted on. As I have asked questions within my heart, and begin to search, doors have opened. I have seen many times this law operate within my life. I have taken many word/law and acted upon it and its has acted within my life, faith being the number one.

But what happens when theses Word/laws conflict with each other. We find one say one thing and another say another, which do we follow?

This is something that the Lord has been teaching and talking to me about within the context of my own life and choices. So, I would like to share what I have learn from my journey with the Lord and hope it gives us some clarity.

First of we have to recognize Free agency is a gift of God. Satan hates it and wants to bring us into bondage. But we have been given free agency to choose life or death. The word of God is life to our souls. So, to follow the word of God is life. But then we also need discernment and wisdom. Even in the wilderness with the presence of God, there was conflict of opinions. Mosses sets up judges to hear difficult cases. Interesting, God allowed them to work out his law, even thou he was there and could of just told them what to do. In the New Testament there was division and they needed to go in prayer to find the answer. And also work it out within themselves.

The Lord has shown me in my personal life I have honoured one Law/word and at the same time not lived another. From the beginning it has not been clear cut and all of us have to work out difficult spiritual principles and which is the right one for this situation. A growing in wisdom. All of us are on our own journey of gaining wisdom and learning difficult situations and how best apply the word of God in it.

In the case of the Covid Vaccine we can see different laws/word highlighted and lived by.

The for vaccine group laws followed

On the for vaccine side, they are living the law of Love to protect the vulnerable, be good citizens and honour the system of governance that God put into place.

The against vaccine group laws followed

On the against side, Is the law/word of prophecy not to take the mark of the beast. And as Christians we have been told we must not take it and if we do, we will come under judgement. They are living the law of obedience, faith and watching the times and seasons as commanded.

Not sure group and ethical views

In the not know camp, is many opinions. My personal is that not to take it may be a block to the work I am doing for the Lord. It was a big step of faith to take it for me. others are ethical of stem cells of abortion used in vaccines. There may be many other laws we may be living under if we look. The arguments are endless.

Laws we may not be following

If we are pushing our side on another then we are not honouring free agency and unity and loving our enemies which in this case is different side.

The Lord showed me to put all the laws out before me. And see what laws are being honoured and what is not. Then to stand outside of it and as we would say in the coaching world. Stand in the coaching position. A non-judgmental place that gives clarity. In other words, to stand in the position of Love or as Christ who is love.

The law of love

To see how we can honour love, to all sides, and to God. Without watering down our integrity, which is the pathway to holiness. We will see clearly.

When we do that, we can see that we can stand ourselves in the position of integrity and walk in others laws of honouring the laws of God given free agency of free will, loving others and building unity. If fact this time can be a time of learning to love better.

When we look at the different laws being honoured by both sides, we can be confident that God will honour us in our desire to honour him and each other. Growing in unity in diversity and greater love. We need the watchmen and well as the good citizens in our body to bring balance and knowledge and equip us to be one body working in unity for the purposes of God. Unity is the the heart of God

Walking in unity

If one leg walks right and the other left, we will not be able to walk straight to the glory of God, if fact we will be spilt in two. We may have two legs and both are needed to be able to walk and be led by a higher power. Let’s start to look at the bigger picture and not mould ourselves in the image of the world, which is in conflict as old wounds are surfacing. Ours is the way of the peace maker, and it starts with us. I pray that this has been helpful and we can be grateful for our two legs and walk forward in unity of love and learn to love better. Respecting our brothers and sisters for there desire to serve the Lord by following what laws/word the Lord has put on their hearts as he has on us.

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