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Wound Ministry

Supporting Churches to heal a wounded world, through out reach and the work of the Corss

Image by Dylan Posso
Image by Dylan Posso

The Story of the Wound

The wound of the cross is for everyone of all faiths and a great way to outreach. We offer support through prayer ministry for those who want extra support after class. It is a time to learn, gain understanding and leave with a tool kit of tools.  It is a nine-week weekly course, which can be done in the morning, afternoon or evening. It brings people on a journey and this is the first stage to build trust, where the Spirit can move.

Great to bring friends, the family where they will feel safe to be themselves. 

Image by Lachlan Dempsey

Healing the wound

This nine-week workshop follows on from the Story of the wound. We explore healing in the world, from world religions and healing well-ness pathways. It is a time of discussion and exploration. It respects other beliefs or none and leads to the work of the cross. It is an opportunity to meet others of other faiths or none, to talk about the work of the cross and how it does what we can not do.

We then invite all to join us in a three-day workshop, where they experience the work of the cross for themselves and invite Jesus to be their savior and Lord.  Although some will leave at this point, others will have already experienced the power of prayer, grace and be ready to accept Jesus into their lives. 

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Image by Junior REIS
Image by Junior REIS

Ministry Of the Wound

For those who have come on a journey to the Lord and taken part in the three-day Grace workshop, we invite them to come and join the workshop  Ministry to the Wound.  It is a place of discipleship and experience of the Love and relationship of God. We create space for the Holy Spirit to move and bring brake through. Teaching bible principles as we go. 

These three nine-week workshops cover the year and leave an opportunity to lead into a discipleship program in the following year. 

Jesus said to go out into the world and make disciples. The great news is these wounded who are finding healing through the cross, then become the torch bearers to bring others on the journey to find their own journey to healing.  And so the Good News spreads. We can work online or in-person in our local areas. 

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