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What we believe and want to achieve.

Image by Lina Volkmann

WOWJesus belives that houses of Prayer is the foundation for revival as we call upon God he has promised to answer us and meet us. As we become humble and teachable the spiirt can teach us all things, to walk in the spirit and purposes of God.

We may not know what to do, but our eyes are on Jesus and this is his battle. We look to him to meet us and his people as we surrender in purpose and obeadance and create holy space for him to work. 

Our Aims and Vision. 

To set up houses of prayer in each town

Intercession the identification of our heart cry of our souls as we stand in the we, of your people.  

Standing in the gap, representivation repentance and forgiveness for our generations, people group and our selves in the blood shed and troubles in Ireland. 

Bridging divions between Catholic and Protestants and bring unity and love in the body of Christ.

Blessing Ministry each other to become into our purpose as the bride of Christ. 

Healing ministry of reaching a broken world. with the love and power of Jesus.


To walk in the auority, relationship by knowing who christ is and who we are in him by having confidence of standing on him and his name as the dersrt fathers did in the early church. 

To stand on, dig deep and walk in the auoroity of the word of God. Wrestle with gospel prinicles to stand firm on the knowledge of our salvation and saving grace. 

To come into experience of God and of listening to the voice of God as we come into agreement. 

Find expression in worship and the Holy Spirit  as individuals as we become into our true idenity

Finding and knowing the heart of God. 

Prayer ministry and discipleship

To learn and understand deep gospel principles that prayer keys stand on.

To experience the power of his word, through his spirit.

Bring our experience up to the word of God as in the Acts.  Walk in our healing. 

Expereince his healing and restoration in our land, community, family and self.  Through the power of his blood  name and the cross.

Learn the prayer ministry keys to bring brake through and freedom, heal the broken heart and cleanse us from our sins. 

Walk through the sanifying process, and understand the atonement and power of the cross, personal and collectively.

Church without walls

Street church, to go out and change atmosher by creating holy ground.

Prayer ministry on the street to allow the spirit to work in people lives.


Out reach in workshops

Network with churches

Set up projects for the needs of a broken world. 

Set up training for the artist to rise up and take their place for creating the holy space in street church, church without walls

Meet and cover his people by feeding, clothing and housing. By creating a training, working, living and social holy space. Where lives are transformed. 

Strengthen the local churches and stand on the word of God. 

Bring churches togthere in unity through diversty in the local towns to come togther to meet the needs of the community. 

To become the bride of christ with the fullness of salvation, walking in the power of the spirit ready for her King. 


Statement of Faith

Jesus the Christ

We believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who was born of the Virgin Mary.

We believe he came down from the father to die for our sins, be raised from the dead, and sit on the right hand of God the Father.

We believe he is the lamb of God. The Lamb of God who was provided for to save humanity is stated in the Abrahamic Covenant as a blessing to all of the families of the earth. 

We believe  He has brought us with his blood, of which we are made clean, healed, and covered by, as our redeemer.

We believe he is our King, and he came to bring His Kingdom on earth as it is on heaven and will return in the flesh to rule in righteousness. as our king, in a new heaven and new earth.

We believe he was made a curse, to save mankind from the curse, as the second Adam who has the power to save us from the fall , sin and, death through faith in him and through his name.

We believe we are his body, which he has given us his spirit, his new heart, and a renewed mind fulfilling his promise.

We believe he is the word whereby all things were created and, he was in the beginning at creation with the trinity and continues to create a new creation in us and do a good thing.

We believe He came to cleanse us from sins, set us free, and heal our broken hearts through, repentance, forgiveness, and baptism

We believe Jesus came to show us and bring us back to the Father.  So we may know the Father's heart.

We believe we have been given a free gift of salvation, which is for everyone, we just have to acept it. 

He meets us where we are and salvation begins as we belive in him and acept our need and invite him into our lives.  

Holy Spirit

We believe in the Holy Spirit as part of the Godhead, three in one. 

Who comforts, exhorts, convicts, teachings all things, heals as in the time of Acts.

We believe in the baptism of water and of the Holy Spirit with fire to cleanse us from sin and equip us to do his work through us.

We believe through the  power of Holy Spirit we can walk in the power of God, to do his work as in the days of Acts and Jesus ministry on this earth. 

 Be believe that part of his work is to prepare us to meet Christ on his coming as the bride of Christ as he works in us a refining fire. 

The Word of God

WE beieve the word of God is the breath of God spoken and so is alive in him. 

We believe the word of God to be the Truth to stand and proclaim from. 

We believe through the Holy Spirit God has spoken through his prophets and disciples.

We believe the word of God has the power to convict, break down, build up and transform lives.

We believe God specks to his children through the word of God as he teaches, expands, gives revelation, and shows his heart and ways through his Holy Spirit. 

We believe the world of God is of value today as it was in the past, to direct, teach and prepare for what is to come. As God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

We believe the word of God tell us all things in the past, now, and the future.

We believe the word of God has power in the spiritual and earthly realm to break the stronghold and set the captive free.

We believe the word of God is alive and outworks in our lives.

We believe the word of God has power to overcome and transform lives.  

Becoming one in purpose to the glory of God

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